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Our macaroons are largely made with whole almonds. They are cleaned and prepared, then left to rest several hours before they are mixed in with the ingredients. We have used the same recipes since 1889.
Besides basic ingredients, always of the top quality from local producers, it is the home-made manufacturing and the traditional cooking methods that allows our macaroons to acquire the softness that the gourmets like. The paste of macaroons is always mixed according to a special process and the macaroons are then piped on to a backing sheet with a piping bag. By cooking in a traditional oven , the macaroons acquire a beautiful golden colour and softness ; true trademark that makes them irresistible.
Our macaroons have been the jewel-in-the-crown of our house since its creation. Originally, our great grandfather had based his business on only one variety of macaroons: the macaroons “nature”. Our father began his diversification by creating the macaroon “cognaçais”, which is no other than a macaroon made with grapes that have been marinated in a syrup containing cognac. We made the choice to further diversitfy by creating more than 40 different varieties of macaroons. By preserving the recipe and the original manufacturing methods, we have combined various ingredients and flavours to charm and entice our customers.
Thus, we propose a range of:
- macaroons with fruits: macaroons with strwaberry, macaroons with orange, macaroons with tangerine … and our creation of last winter the macaroon with fig
- macaroons with dry fruits: macaroons with pistachio, macaroons with sesame, macaroons with hazel nut, macaroons with poppy….
- macaroons with “flavours”: macaroons coffee, macaroons chocolate, macaroons with honey .....
- alcoholic macaroons: macaroons Rum Banana and in reference to our area of origin, macaroons with Cognac (Cognaçais)…. 


Croquants (Crunchy biscuits)

Our one-flavour croquants, once tasted will take you back to those wonderful tastes of the end of the school day !!! Truly crispy, made from quality ingredients, our croquants are offered in several varieties: Croquants Natural, croquants with Hazel nuts, croquants with Grapes, croquants with Pistachios, croquants with Aniseed, croquants with Nuts, croquants, croquants with Almonds and Honey. Croquants perfectly accompany dairy ice cream, a fruit salad, or quite simply a goblet of champagne. 



What could be more natural than to associate chocolate with macaroons!!! We took the best cocoa beans, added the best quality ingredients and developed a complete chocolate range. Candies chocolates, natural or alcoholic, fruity or praline-flavoured cream; every gourmand will find something to their taste in our range of chocolates.We also worked out a whole range of original slabs of chocolates made from milk chocolate, white chocolate and black chocolate. These slabs can be personalized on request for a birthday or quite simply a surprise.

Christmas and Easter represent the 2 important periods for the manufacture of our chocolates. For more than a decade, we have manufactured original decorations which have helped to build our reputation. Thus, each Easter decoration is made by hand and finished with the finest attention to detail. By blending unusual colours and precise designs, the confectionery is beautifully filled and trimmed – a gourmet surprise for young and old alike !

As for Christmas chocolates, they combine the colours and traditional textures of Christmas of the past.


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