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“La Biscuiterie Lolmède” , was created by our great grandfather Edouard. With his 6 brothers, Edouard cultivated the vine until Phyloxerra, the aphid that destroys the vie roots, ruined thir business in 1875. The family moved to Morocco, where Edouard decided to start a new life as a Patisser. He later returned to France, as a confectioner’s apprentice in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. From there he worked in Paris before setting up up its own business in Place du Palet, Angoulême.

He began making his famous “Biscuits Duchesse” (Biscuits à la cuillère), madeleines and macaroons made with whole almonds, on which his reputation was founded. People came in huge numbers to smell the delicious cooking odours coming from the kitchen adjacent to the shop. They filled their baskets with Edourd’s delicious macaroons, madeleines and biscuits.

And it is the same recipes; the same home-made methods of manufacturing that were so passed on from father to son for 4 generations. Our grandfather supplied the grocer's shops of Angoulême with macaroons and various types of madeleines. Confronted with the limitation of raw materials during the second world war, he adapted his confectionery to suit the materials available, whilst continuing to manufacture his biscuits. As for our father, he supplied mainly schools leaving to the “angoumoisins” children an unforgettable souvenir of delicious “goûter”.

As for us, we chose to develop our selling point by widening the line of macaroons: more than 40 sorts of macaroons containing flavours and fragnances … Our macaroons, madeleines and the other biscuits are always made with quality raw materials and with same home-made methods.

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