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Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!
Mug macaroons, chocolate and candies - La Biscuiterie Lolmede
Mug macaroons, chocolate and candies - product detail

Mug macaroons, chocolate and candies

19,90 €

Mug and macaroons - La Biscuiterie Lolmede
Mug and macaroons - product detail

Mug and macaroons

17,90 €

The bowl with chocolates - La Biscuiterie Lolmede
The bowl with chocolates - product detail

The bowl with chocolates

21,90 €

Plate of sweetmeat - La Biscuiterie Lolmede
Plate of sweetmeat - product detail

Plate of sweetmeat

46,90 €

sweet composition - La Biscuiterie Lolmede
sweet composition - product detail

sweet composition

33,90 €

The translucid box - La Biscuiterie Lolmede
The translucid box - product detail

The translucid box

25,90 €

The big sweet composition - La Biscuiterie Lolmede
The big sweet composition - product detail

The big sweet composition

49,90 €

“La Biscuiterie Lolmède “, founded in 1889 by Edouard Lolmède is famous thanks to its macaroons. Natural macaroons, macaroons with pistachio nuts, macaroons with Cognac or Rhum…more than thirty different varieties of macaroons made in the tradition style that has delighted generations of gourmands

The speciality of “La Biscuiterie Lolmède”‘s macaroons is based on their incomparable softness and this is attributed to the original recipe, which is kept secret among the Lolmede family.

La Biscuiterie Lolmède has also a large and original range of chocolates: chocolate slabs, chocolates candies, Easter eggs and confectionery…

We are happy to let you discover, through our website a part of our manufacturing. Any order placed before 3pm will leave France the same day. Delivery is dependent on the mail service of both France and the country of delivery. We will confirm by e-mail that your order has been despatched. Any other relevant information will be included in the e-mail.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions .Suggestions concerning our products are welcomed !!!!!

La Biscuiterie Lolmede
3 rue des Arceaux 16000 ANGOULEME - Tel : 05 45 95 05 09
SIRET : 483 453 031 000 21 - N° TVA Intracommunautaire : FR 704 834 530 31